Light the Way, Turquoise…. Milaegers

Light the Way, Turquoise…. Milaegers

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Dear Patricia Breen Collectors –


Happy March! We are happy to announce our Milaeger exclusive Light the Way in Turquoise from Patricia Breen for Spring 2018! This ornament is available on a first come, first serve basis (limit 1 per customer to be fair to all collectors please). Light the Way Turquoise is available on our website, by emailing our Patricia Breen consultant, Jennifer; or by calling our store at (800) 669-1229 ext. 101. We will be shipping your ornament as soon as we receive your order so that you can hang them and add to your Patricia Breen collection!


​Light the Way Turquoise Lantern Ornament

​is a beautiful addition to our turquoise collection.  The Light the Way lantern is embellished with exquisite crystals and white flowers. This is a limited edition ornament and restricted quantities are available.


Due to the fact that our exclusive ornaments are available one time only, there are no cancellations, returns, or exchanges.


Ornamentally Yours,


Kara Kading

Jennifer DeRosier

Patricia Breen Consultant

800-669-1229 ext 101