Midnight Blue……   Milaegers

Midnight Blue…… Milaegers

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Dear Patricia Breen Collectors,

We are elated to announce the arrival of two Milaeger exclusives from Patricia Breen Designs that are absolutely stunning!  These ornaments are available on a first come, first serve basis.  You can view the video of these ornaments on our YouTube page.
The first piece is the Grande Orb is a gorgeous midnight color with embellished stars on the orb.  The imagery is breathtaking with Santa gently lowering a gorgeous display of presents in the chimney.  The chimney is snowcapped with iridescent glitter and sparkle.  Retail for the Grand Orb is $245. Scroll down for larger images.
The second coordinating piece is the McDonnell Claus who proudly carries and balances the beautifully and detailed wrapped presents to put under the tree.  Note the detail of each ornament and design of the wrapped presents.  The scene compliments the Grand Orb but with added silver crystals.  Note the gorgeous detail on the back of Santa’s coat – it’s the swirls and whirls of Christmas magic in the air!  Retail for McDonell Claus is $270. Scroll down for larger images.
Our Milaeger exclusives are available on a first come, first serve basis.  There are no returns or exchanges on our exclusive pieces, so please consider wisely.  Ornaments may be ordered online, by emailing our Patricia Breen Consultant, Ann Kelso, or calling our store at (800) 669 – 1229 ext 101.
Thank you so much for your loyal patronage!  We wish all of you a happy colorful spring!
Ornamentally Yours,
Patricia Breen Consultant
(800)669–1229 ext. 101