Quintessential Santa…. Milaegers

Quintessential Santa…. Milaegers

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Dear Collectors,

We are pleased to announce the 2018 Milaeger Memories Exclusives-The Quintessential Collection. This collection of Santas is uniquely special and to announce them we are including a special message below.

From the early 1960’s to the present day, Milaeger’s has sought to bring the best of Christmas decorations to everyone who loves Christmas. Our ornament selection has always been amazing—from the early Shiny Brites and hand-crafted wooden ornaments to the exquisite Patricia Breen collection of today.

It was probably in January of 1994 when I received a call from Patricia Breen, who explained that Milaeger’s was recommended to her by the Art Institute of Chicago as great retail store for her ornaments. I still remember standing in my office, clutching the phone, trying to imagine the ornaments she was excitedly describing—with such enthusiasm that I knew I had to see them. Within the week, a sample box arrived, and when I unwrapped the telephone ornament, I just knew I would be ordering everything in the box.

And that was the beginning of the wonderful relationship we have had with Patricia for nearly 25 years. What she has given to ornament collectors over the years has always been the best of the best—the quintessential collection. Avid collectors have seen her work evolve from the very simple to the intricate detail of her latest collections. Patricia was the first to introduce the two-part ornament, and Night Flight Santa remains one of my all time favorites. Today’s “ornament on an ornament” with jewel embellishments is a work of art that no one even attempts to copy. For me, Patricia is the quintessential ornament designer because she continues to take the art to a level achieved by no one else in the ornament industry.

More importantly, each year, Patricia has designed a remarkable collection of exclusive ornaments dedicated to my family called Milaeger Memories. We have sought to make these ornaments meaningful for everyone who purchases them, hoping that collectors would relate our personal story to parallel events in their own lives.

This year, we are dedicating our Milaeger’s Memories commission pieces to Patricia Breen. We love and admire her; we are thankful for her contribution to the ornament industry; and we joyfully celebrate her 25th Anniversary with eager anticipation for amazing years to come. Quintessential Santa says it all! Enjoy!


Red..Give  $271

Green.. Begin $271

Pearl.. Love  $271

Russian Fable.. Beautify  $271

Blue.. Santa-Fly  $271


Kris Reisdorf


To order:

Kara Kading glittergirl@milaegers.com

Jennifer Derosier jennifer@milaegers.com

Patricia Breen Consultant 1-800-669-1229 ext 101.