Swirling, The Nutcracker…. Hoaglands

Swirling, The Nutcracker…. Hoaglands

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Dear Patricia Breen Collector,

Thank you for your interest in the Hoagland’s of Greenwich 2017 Patricia Breen Exclusive!

We are thrilled to announce the Hoagland’s exclusive is Swirling in classic Christmas red.  Priced at $265.00, this extremely limited edition ornament will only be available to collectors by lottery drawing.  We will conduct the drawing on the December 10th.  If you wish to participate in the drawing please follow the instructions below.

1.  To enter the drawing please complete the form attached and email Susan@Hoaglands.com or fax (203) 869-7423 (this is a secure fax in my office) the form by 5:00 pm on December 9th.  If you do not receive a confirmation from us within 48 hours please contact Susan as it means we have not received your form.

2.  The drawing will take place on December 10th and the lucky winners will be notified per their instructions.  Winners will be charged $265.00 plus $15 shipping and CT sales tax where applicable.  Your ornament will be shipped within a week of the drawing.  Please note if you have not provided us with your credit card information and mailing address on the drawing form we will not be able to enter you in the drawing.

We look forward to helping you and wish you luck in the lottery drawing.

Happy Holidays,

Susan Lukralle




Hoaglands of Greenwich

175 Greenwich Avenue

Greenwich, CT   06830



Fax 203-869-7423 – secure location



Patricia Breen Lottery for Exclusive Ornament for 2017



Name ______________________________________


Address ____________________________________


City________________________________________     Zip code___________________


Telephone _______________________


Credit Card ___________________________________   Expiration_________________


Security code__________


Billing address (if differs for above) __________________________________________


Email ________________________________________


____________ automatically ship (no communication required)


____________ E- mail & then ship


This form is to be filled out for anyone interested in being entered in the drawing for our Exclusive 2017 Swirling in classic Christmas red. *Please note: without credit card information we will not be able to enter you in the drawing. Winners will be notified by email or sent directly according to their request. All holiday merchandise is considered a final sale not returnable or exchangeable.


Signature _____________________________________   Date ____________________


Any additional information needed ________________________________________________________________________



Good Luck – Susan & Mindy